Please review the <a href='../../lab/final/documentation.html' target="_self">Final Project Guidelines </a> ### Project Timeline - Week 1: Propose ideas, brainstorm - Week 5: Build a 3D model of the concept - Week 8: Complete a Minimum Viable Product - Week 11: Integrated Project - Week 14: Final Project ## Final Presentations PS70 Final Presentations will be held in SC 102 on <b>Thursday May 9th from 3:30-5pm</b>. Please feel free to invite friends and family. Refreshments will be provided. [Here are some photos]( from last semester's project fair. ### Presentation Format We will share our work in a "project fair" format, where everyone will have a chance to present their work to anyone who comes by. - Please have your class website open on a laptop (or other display). Be ready to demo your final project as best you can. Also, include any weekly assignments that you're proud of, especially kinetic sculptures. - Your grade is mostly based on your documentation and scope of work, but also on your presentation, to a lesser extent. Certain anonymous guest critics will be among the crowd, and they will have the chance to tell the teaching staff who they thought had the most impressive projects and presentations. - In addition to being required for the class, project fairs are a great opportunity to meet people and find future opportunities. Don't be shy! - Take some time to see the other projects in the class, but plan to spend most of the two hours by your work. ### Schedule - Before 2:30: Set up projects - 2:30 - 3:00: Lab cleanup - 3:30 - 5:00: Project Fair - 5:00 - 5:30: Pack up and clean - 5:30 - 6:00: Debrief and farewell ### Cleanup - Please put away all tools, unused components and anything else in your possession that belongs to the lab. - Please help clean up generally, even if it's not "your" mess. - Do not hide stuff where it doesn't belong. If you don't know where to put something, just ask. - After the project fair, please take your final project, and any weekly assignments you want to take with you. - You're also welcome to take minimal consumables you need to finish projects, etc. If you're unsure, please ask. - It's okay to leave projects in the lab for a few more days, but please label them with your name.