07: Electronic Output Devices


3:00: Assignment Review
3:15: Servo motor workshop
3:45: RGB LEDs, LED Strips, OLED / TFT displays


LEDs, Transistors, How to use an oscilloscope


3:00: Output devices overview, Motors and Actuators
3:15: Buzzers, Controlling current with an FET, Speakers and amplifiers (ESP32), and other output devices.


1. Work on this week's assignment. Show that you are comfortable with code structures that allow integrating input and output devices simultaneously using timers or interrupts.
2. Install drivers for Huzzah and ESP32-CAM
3. Continue development on final projects.


1. Use an output device that you haven't used before.
2. Write a microcontroller program that integrates at least one input device and one output device. Avoid the delay() function by using either timers or interrupts.
3. Use an oscilloscope to discover the time domain at which your output device is operating. Is it on a fixed clock? What's its speed? Share images and describe your findings.
4. Prepare CAD files for CNC week (after spring break). Consider either 2D DXF files for routing sheet material (like plywood or OSB), or 3D STL files to mill out a (2.5D) shape. We will also cover molding & casting, so you may want to consider milling a mold.

Examples: Kian (pan/tilt kit), Kassia (RGB LED / buzzer), Teddy (LED Strip / pot).


Output devices
Page on Motors from MIT machine-building class