Week 02: 2D Design & Cutting


3:00: Website review, discuss final project ideas
3:30: Intro to Laser Cutting, Engraving, and Vinyl Cutting. Inkscape and Gimp for 2D design. Measuring with calipers.
4:00: Fusion 360 Sketch demo


Guide to 2D cutting, Making Things Move chapters 1-3. Much of this should be quick to skim through as a refresher, but pay attention to concepts that may be new to you like "minimum constraint design". No need to do the exercises.
Sparkfun: What is electricity?, What is a circuit?, Electric power, Breadboards.


3:00: Intro to electronics, TinkerCAD for electronics simulations.
3:15: Workshop: Materials needed:

Complete exercises both virtually and physically.


Fusion 360 sketch tutorial, 3D commands, and assignment help.