PHYSCI 70: Final Presentation Prep

Presentation Format Guidelines

While we've emphasized the importance of documentation throughout the semester, providing high-quality documentation for your final project is particularly important. In our experience, many students continue to reference their documentation for years into the future, as part of a web portfolio, for job interviews, or for new collaborations.

Don't wait until you've "finished" your project -- start your documentation now.

Demo Video

Demo videos are often the most effective way to share your project with a broader audience. Students who spend a little extra time on making a high-quality demo video tend to report that it was well worth the effort. The Blinko video does a good job of explaining the problem and the solution. Some tips for making a good video:

Some examples for good demo videos include Sam's DanceGlove and Faraz's Fish Feeder, and Abe's iTAP shoes.

We'll be making a YouTube playlist of everyone's projects (check out some previous projects here. Once you've finished your video, either upload it to YouTube yourself and send us the link, or send us your video and we can upload it for you.

Process Documentation

You may choose to split your documentation into two pages (one for the fabrication process, and one for the finished project) or to include all information on a single page. Ken's H-Bot documentation is a good example of the latter. It includes all of the necessary ingredients:

Other good examples of process documentation include Kevin's weather station, Joon's paper folding machine, Julia's Overdrive robots, Lara's soft robot.

Check out the HTMAA page for more examples of exemplary projects and documentation.