Machine Building


3:00: Assignment Review
3:15: Stepper motor control


Chapters 7-9 of Making Things Move


3:00: Machine Showcase! We'll show some examples of machines that have been built in our lab.

3:30: Choose a machine to learn more about for the remainder of class. Make sure to understand how to:


Work on this week's assignment. Make sure all planning and 3D design for final projects has been completed.


Build a simple machine using at least a stepper motor. Demonstrate the ability to command the machine to get repeatable results. Feel free to use other items in the lab (e.g. string, magnets, wires). How can you calibrate motor position (i.e. guarantee the "home" position is the same each time you power on the device)?


Arduino Forum Stepper Motor Basics
Examples of networked machines
MIT Machines Class page on Steppers
Reuleaux Kinematic Mechanisms Collection (especially belt drive mechanisms)
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre