05: 3D Design & Printing


3:00: Assignment Review
3:15: Intro to 3D printing
Download and install Prusa Slicer Software, and configure it for the MK3S model printer.
3:45: Prepare and print a ~5 minute part. Scan something using a photogrammetry application. Some options:



3:00: SEC Lab Tour (meet at 2:55 at 4th floor elevators)
3:40: "Ted Talk" -- Ted Sirota presents on advanced 3D printing capabilities at Harvard


Make sure to use lab times this week to develop your concept for your final project. Speak with your lab TA and start a Slack group chat.
Additionally, use lab time to make up work, debug circuits from previous assignments, etc.

Monday 12-1:30pm: Special session on multi-tasking with Arduino language.


1. Design and print a small object that could not be (easily) made by subtractive methods. Discuss pros and cons of 3D printing this object rather than using other fabrication methods.

2. Prepare your file for printing using PrusaSlicer (or equivalent), and upload your 3D model file (e.g. .f3z), STL file, and sliced gcode file to your documentation. (You can use <a download href='./path_to_file.stl'>Download my STL file <\a> to make downloadable links to your files).

3. Document progress on a 3D model for your final project.

4. Scan something.


Thingiverse, GrabCAD, more.
All3DP PIP (print in place), Ultimaker PIP , MIT PIP Robot, Nervous Systems PIP Kinematic Dress