04: Microcontroller Programming


3:00: Assignment Review
3:30: Workshop on microcontroller programming, conditional statements, loops, pullup resistors.


Introduction to microcontrollers, conditional statements and loops, Arduino Foundations. Arduino: Digital Pins, Analog Input Pins, PWM, and Memory Arduino Projects Book Chapters 1-3.


3:00: Use the L9110 H Bridge Power Driver to drive a motor. Write a new function to give the motor commands.


Programming Fundamentals Workshop, conditional statements and loops, help with assignments.


Program an Arduino board to do something. The examples in the Arduino Projects Book provide good starting points. You may also wish to use this assignment to build on the previous assignment. Include code snippets in your documentation. Bring your circuit to class Tuesday and be ready to do a brief live demo.

Next week we will talk about 3D printing, and a bit more about 3D modeling. Take a moment to think about your final project proposal. Will it require 3D printed parts?


Arduino Foundations
Language Reference: Discover the what each term of the Arduino code language means.
Variables: Understand how to define and use variables in a Sketch.
Functions: Learn how to define and use functions in a Sketch.
Driving a motor with a transistor.