<h3> Voltage Divider Sensors </h3> <img src='../electronics/VoltageDivider.png' alt='Voltage divider'> <br> <p> Recall the concept of a voltage divider. You can replace a fixed-value resistor with an analog sensor like a thermistor or Hall sensor. Changing the value of the fixed resistor is a way to tune the output to a particular range. </p> <h3> Potentiometers </h3> <img src='../electronics/Potentiometer.png'> <br> <p> A potentiometer is a voltage divider with a movable contact. It can be used to provide a variable voltage, or act as a variable resistance. </p> <h3> Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) </h3> <p> <a href='https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/language/functions/math/map/'> Map function </a> <br> <a href='https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/language/functions/zero-due-mkr-family/analogreadresolution/'>Analog Read Resolution</a><br> <a href='https://roberthart56.github.io/SCFAB/SC_lab/Sensors/ADC_test.txt'>How fast is a conversion?</a> </p> <!-- <h3> Voltage Divider Sensors </h3> <ul> <li><a href='https://roberthart56.github.io/SCFAB/SC_lab/Sensors/magnetic/index.html'>Magnetic Field</a></li> <li><a href='https://roberthart56.github.io/SCFAB/SC_lab/Sensors/Thermistor/index.html'>Temperature</a></li> <li><a href='https://roberthart56.github.io/SCFAB/SC_lab/Sensors/Light/Photodetectors/index.html'>Light</a></li> </ul> -->