## Shopbot These machines are really big, the tools are really sharp, and things are moving super fast. We don't want you to be afraid of the machines but you do need to show them the utmost respect. Some rules while we work: - always wear your safety glasses - tie back any long hair or loose clothing - don't machine alone - pay attention [Shopbot SOP](https://nathanmelenbrink.github.io/lab/cnc/Shopbot_Aspire.pdf) ### Preparing DXF in Aspire <!-- [Sample prepared file](https://nathanmelenbrink.github.io/lab/cnc/shopbot_01.png) --> Before using Aspire, please prepare your cut design file and export in DXF file format. (Plan on spending an hour preparing a DXF file in Aspire.) Some people prefer to layout their design in a vector program like Rhino, Inkscape or Illustrator. - Different types of cuts should be placed on different layers, each with a different color. - Join curves together (avoid single line segments) - Check units (mm by default)